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How to order food in Italian at a Restaurant like a Pro! – Free Italian Lesson

Learn to order food in Italian like a pro at a restaurant with our quick video lesson. Waiters in Italy always ask the same questions. …

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Garrett’s Recipe for Spaghetti alle Vongole (Clam Spaghetti)

Ciao a tutti! I wanted to share my quick and easy recipe for my delicious Spaghetti alle vongole. Trust me, if you follow this recipe …

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The 5 most common Mistakes in Spanish

Jorge teaches us the 5 most common mistakes in Spanish. Are you hot? Are you embarrassed? Be careful how you say these expressions in Spanish …

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3 special French Friday Expressions #jesuischarlie

In French La Liberté d’Expression means Freedom of Speech. As a reminder it is equally important in French, in English, and in any other language. In …

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Strommen Tips: How to Order Korean BBQ Like a BOSS! (in Korean)

3 Expressions to Order in Korean: Expression #1: 주세요 “joo-sae-yo” (literally, “please give me”) As in “Kimchi joo-sae-yo” (please give me Kimchi), or “Soju joo-sae-yo” (please …

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HI Students! Here are some funny French Expressions: In French “Poser un lapin” means “To stand someone up”. Although it literally means : “To put …

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French Word Of The Day: “Petite”. Which does not mean “petite”.

French Word Of The Day: “Petite”. Which does not mean “petite” in English “Petite”, the French word, does not mean “petite”. It means “small” or …

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What is Ferragosto? Italian Dichotomies

Ferragosto is a Holiday celebrated in Italy on August 15th. It marks the height of Italian summer vacations. Italians are at the beach or at summer villas, and tourists rule the boarded up streets.

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Inspirational Quotes – learning a language sayings

Below are some great learning a language sayings and inspirational quotes.  ❝To have another language is to possess a second soul.❞ ‒Charlemagne ❝If you talk …

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Quick trick to improve SAT reading comprehension score

Looking for a quick trick to improve SAT reading comprehension score? We’ve got you covered. At Strommen we specialize in SAT tutoring in Los Angeles …

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The Longest German word (Crazy!)

The German language is know for its loooooong words and it might seem confusing at first. German has the ability to string words together to …

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Fun German False Cognates

German can kind of sound like English. When a word sounds like another language and has the same meaning it is called a cognate. The …

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