150 Most Common Spanish Verbs

The 150 Most Common Spanish Verbs (Irregular + Regular)

Are you a beginner looking to learn Spanish verbs? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a master list with 150 of the most common Spanish verbs, for you to memorize and start using right away. We’ve included example sentences, so you can see how to use them properly. 

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The 150 Most Common Spanish Verbs

Frequency Number Spanish In English
1 Ser To be
2 Estar To be
3 Tener To have
4 Ir To go
5 Decir To say
6 Hacer To do, make
7 Comer To eat
8 Vivir To live
9 Hablar To talk, to speak
10 Mirar To look
11 Gustar To like, to please
12 Sentir To feel
13 Ver To see, to watch
14 Poder To be able, can
15 Correr To run
16 Haber To have, to do something (auxiliary verb)
17 Oír To hear
18 Trabajar To work
19 Llamar To call
20 Saber To know
21 Dar To give
22 Querer To want
23 Llevar to carry, to bring
24 Oler to smell
25 Usar To use
26 Estudiar To study
27 Preguntar To ask, to wonder, to inquire
28 Pensar To think
29 Conocer To know
30 Tomar To drink, to take
31 Entrar To enter, to come in, to go in
32 Beber To drink
33 Poner To put
34 Contar To count
35 Jugar To play
36 Dejar to leave, to abandon, to let
37 Comprar To buy
38 Vender To sell
39 Aprender To learn
40 Salir To exit, to go out
41 Traer To bring
42 Doler To hurt
43 Terminar To finish, to end 
44 Escribir To write
45 Abrir To open
46 Comenzar To begin
47 Empezar To begin
48 Subir To go up, to raise, to climb
49 Esperar To wait
50 Venir To come
51 Cerrar To close
52 Necesitar To need
53 Compartir To share
54 Caer To fall
55 Viajar To travel
56 Imaginar To imagine
57 Encontrar To find
58 Recordar To remember
59 Caber To fit
60 Romper To break
61 Recibir To receive
62 Olvidar To forget
63 Ganar To win
64 Decidir To decide
65 Entender To understand
66 Mentir To lie
67 Morir To die
68 Limpiar To clean
69 Cantar To sing
70 Dibujar To draw
71 Pintar To paint
72 Abrazar To hug, to embrace
73 Perder To lose
74 Volver To return
75 Ayudar To help
76 Morder To bite
77 Besar To kiss
78 Escoger To choose, to pick from
79 Despedir To say goodbye, to fire
80 Cancelar To cancel
81 Peinar To comb
82 Toser To cough
83 Repetir To repeat
84 Elegir To choose
85 Cambiar To change, to exchange
86 Discutir To discuss
87 Acompañar To accompany 
88 Seguir To follow
89 Describir To describe
90 Esconder To hide
91 Aplaudir To clap
92 Colgar To hang
93 Regalar To gift
94 Añadir To add
95 Dividir To divide
96 Prestar To borrow, to lend
97 Conseguir To get, to obtain
98 Temer To fear, to be afraid
99 Acabar To finish, to end
100 Actuar To act
101 Imprimir To print
102 Definir To define
103 Acercar To get close
104 Casar To marry
105 Cazar To hunt
106 Construir To construct, to build
107 Servir To serve
108 Permitir To allow, to permit
109 Presentar To present, to introduce
110 Apoyar To support
111 Medir To measure
112 Deber To owe
113 Asistir To attend, to help
114 Comprender To comprehend 
115 Prohibir To prohibit
116 Abordar To board
117 Coger To take
118 Costar To cost
119 Acceder To access
120 Debatir To debate, to discuss
121 Crear To create
122 Depender To depend on
123 Sufrir To suffer
124 Arder To burn
125 Engañar To trick, to deceive
126 Acariciar To caress
127 Cumplir To fulfill
128 Corregir To correct
129 Existir To exist
130 Aclarar To clarify, to make clear
131 Cubrir To cover
132 Activar To activate
133 Circular To circle
134 Adaptar To adapt
135 Unir To join
136 Competir To compete
137 Esparcir To spread
138 Asumir To assume
139 Insistir To insist
140 Recomendar To recommend
141 Acoger To host
142 Sobrevivir To survive
143 Atrever To dare
144 Negar To deny
145 Persistir To persist
146 Evadir To evade
147 Ceder To yield
148 Omitir To omit
149 Vestir To dress up
150 Acelerar To accelerate


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