Common Spanish Regular Verbs

30 Most Common Spanish Regular Verbs

Do you know what are the most common Spanish regular verbs? If you don’t then we have the perfect list for you!

In this article, you’ll find a master list of 30 of Spanish’s most common regular verbs. We’re also explaining how to conjugate them, and show you some example sentences.

Are you ready? Let’s dig in!

What are Spanish Regular Verbs?

As you may know, Spanish verbs use stems and endings for their conjugations. The ending changes depending on the pronoun you’re using.

Spanish regular verbs have two main parts: the root and the ending. 

The root expresses the meaning, while the ending agrees with the number and person you’re talking about, while also expressing the mood and time. 

Spanish regular verbs follow a conjugation pattern, depending on their ending: – ar, -er, and -ir.

30 Most Common Spanish Regular Verbs

Now, here’s a list of the 30 most common Spanish regular verbs.


Frequency Number Spanish In English
1 Comer To eat
2 Vivir To live
3 Hablar To talk, to speak
4 Trabajar To work
5 Llevar To carry, to bring
6 Dejar To leave, to let, to abandon
7 Llamar  To call
8 Mirar To look, to watch
9 Tomar To drink, to take
10 Entrar To enter
11 Esperar To wait
12 Terminar To finish, to end
13 Preguntar To ask, to inquire
14 Gustar To like, to please
15 Comprar To buy
16 Vender To sell
17 Correr To run
18 Aprender To learn
19 Beber To drink
20 Romper To break (something)
21 Recibir To receive
22 Decidir To decide
23 Subir To go up, to climb, to raise
24 Abrir To open
25 Escribir To write
26 Viajar To travel
27 Imaginar To imagine
28 Estudiar To study
29 Usar To use
30 Ayudar To help

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Spanish Regular Verbs Example Sentences

Now that you know what the most common Spanish regular verbs are, it’s time you see them in action. 

Here are some example sentences on how to use these regular verbs.

  1. Yo como manzanas. (I eat apples.)
  2. Ellos viven en Guatemala. (They live in Guatemala.)
  3. Ella habla suave. (She talks softly.)
  4. Ellos trabajan duro. (They work hard.)
  5. Yo llevo flores. (I bring flowers.)
  6. Ellos no me dejan hablar. (They don’t let me speak.)
  7. Yo te llamo en la mañana. (I call you in the morning.)
  8. Ella mira la entrada. (She watches the entrance.)
  9. Yo tomo café. (I drink coffee.)
  10. Ustedes entran juntos. (You come in together.)
  11. Yo espero el autobus. (I wait for the bus.)
  12. Ella termina su tarea. (She finishes her homework.)
  13. Ella pregunta por Andrés. (She inquires about Andrés.)
  14. Me gusta el chocolate. (I like chocolate.)
  15. Ustedes compran frutas en el mercado. (You buy fruits at the market.)
  16. Nosotros vendemos café. (We sell coffee.)
  17. Él corre rápido. (He runs fast.)
  18. Ella aprende un nuevo idioma. (She learns a new language.)
  19. Yo bebo té. (I drink tea.)
  20. El niño rompe el juguete. (The kid breaks the toy.)
  21. Yo recibo el paquete. (I receive the package.) 
  22. Ella decide qué hacer. (She decides what to do.)
  23. Nosotros subimos el elevador. (We climb the elevator.) 
  24. Ella abre la casa. (She opens the house.)
  25. Yo escribo una carta. (I write a letter.)
  26. La mujer viaja a Francia. (The woman travels to France.) 
  27. Me imagino que te gusta el chocolate. (I imagine you like chocolate.)
  28. Ellas estudian todos los días. (They study every day.)
  29. Usted usa el escritorio. (You use the desk.)
  30. Mi hermano me ayuda. (My brother helps me.)

Practice Regular Verbs in Spanish!

Good job! Now you know the most common Spanish regular verbs. 

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